Finished here

Unfortunately I am not currently working here and am unlikely to return to this particular site. I have begun the three month wind down towards deletion.

Due to some serious changes in the way i operate i have decided to focus fully on my brand new website at

Richard North. Net

 It has become clear in the last year that although i enjoy making the Arts web show episodes. They have not reached the level of popularity that frankly i need in order to progress to professional. Mainly because people simply aren’t searching for it.

The Arts web show will continue on Youtube but will no longer have an accompanying blog.

Also since my workload on the internet has increased i no longer have sufficient time to actually work on improving my skills in my creative studies. Something has got to give. Unfortunately it is this blog and my culture spotlight website.

Please to feel free to check out my other site and perhaps even follow. I am doing the same kind of things over there just with a more professional edge.

The site uses disqus comments which seems to be a problem for a few people as regards commenting and i will be looking into alternatives though i will probably remain with disqus as it is good for people commenting through social media sites like facebook.

I have enjoyed my last two and a half years with social blogging, sadly it is a commitment i simply cannot maintain any longer.

Thank you all.

17 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Richard.. … I know you are finished here.. But sending you Bright Blessings this day of 11:11:11… and wishing you Bright New Beginnings in ALL you do.. Sue


  2. I understand Richard! Best to you on your new blog and adventures :)


  3. Hello Richard, I’m sorry you will not be on WordPress but plan to follow your new site. We’ll miss your delightful work here. Best wishes to you – Monica


  4. Posted by Kaoki Shiki on September 4, 2011 at 8:22 pm

    See you at your new website and thanks for all.


  5. All the best with your new website, Richard! These days, I’m pre-occupied with other things but will be paying your new site a visit. You’re a hard worker and you’re talented –you’ll make it!


  6. Have up a link to your new site, but am one for whom Disqus won’t work until I get a newer Puter- But can from my daughter’s on visits. Will miss the ease of this blog exchange with you.

    Break a blog, er leg!


  7. Congratulations and good luck to you Richard/Kokot! You will be successful. This I know.


  8. that is said but I will move over to the Net site Richard. Best of luck!


  9. I subscribed to the .net site but it’s not notifying me of blogs etc :( Otherwise it;s fantastic ;)


  10. Best of luck on your new site and projects Richard! You are a very talented and entertaining guy, and I’m sure your efforts will be successful! :)


  11. I’ll miss you here at wordpress Richard, good luck with your new adventure….


  12. Good luck with your new venture Richard and may all your dreams and aspirations come true for you…


  13. Best of luck Richard.


  14. Wishing you every success Richard and GOOD LUCK in all you do my friend.. This is the time of Change for many of us.. Me included… take care.. and Many Blessings.. Sue Dreamwalker ( NightWhit..) :-)


  15. Best wishes for you, Richard. You have worked very hard and deserve for you dream to come true. Just keep your eyes on your goal and work toward it one step and a time.
    I viewed your website too….excellent work.
    You’re on your way, I just know it in my heart.
    God bless,
    Deb xx


  16. Good luck to you, Richard! Your .net website is great. Keep it up. You are a performance warrior!


  17. I just want to thank you for performing my ‘song’ (way back when) and showing me another way my words could be interpreted. Best of luck!


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