season 2 episode 6


Season 2 episode 5

As always you can find much more on my personal website at

Season 2 episode 4

I now work over at and post daily. Check me out there.

Season 2 episode 3


Season 2 episode 2

You can see much more over of my personal website at

Season 2 episode 1

Sir Richard attempts to review ‘The boat that rocked’ and the entire cast take part in a welcome back rap performance.

Ths show is a bi-monthly series that runs for twelve episodes. While this sites future is currently in doubt i am posting episodes here as well as on visit my personal website to recieve my daily creative updates.

Finished here

Unfortunately I am not currently working here and am unlikely to return to this particular site. I have begun the three month wind down towards deletion.

Due to some serious changes in the way i operate i have decided to focus fully on my brand new website at

Richard North. Net

 It has become clear in the last year that although i enjoy making the Arts web show episodes. They have not reached the level of popularity that frankly i need in order to progress to professional. Mainly because people simply aren’t searching for it.

The Arts web show will continue on Youtube but will no longer have an accompanying blog.

Also since my workload on the internet has increased i no longer have sufficient time to actually work on improving my skills in my creative studies. Something has got to give. Unfortunately it is this blog and my culture spotlight website.

Please to feel free to check out my other site and perhaps even follow. I am doing the same kind of things over there just with a more professional edge.

The site uses disqus comments which seems to be a problem for a few people as regards commenting and i will be looking into alternatives though i will probably remain with disqus as it is good for people commenting through social media sites like facebook.

I have enjoyed my last two and a half years with social blogging, sadly it is a commitment i simply cannot maintain any longer.

Thank you all.


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